names of percussion players in orchestra score

using 2 percussionists in orchestra score: percussion I and percussion II
then want to load several instruments for each player (one pitched marimba and unpitched instruments)
then percussion II would be pitched vibraphone and unpitched instruments (different ones)

problem is: when I load an instrument into the player, the players name in the full score assumes the name of the loaded
instrument (not perc I, for example). when I try and change the name under the player, it does not appear in the score.
I can edit the name of the first instrument to perc I and then it shows in the score, but shows up under the player as perc one.

suspect that it is a problem between players and layouts (here, concerned how it shows up in layout/fullscore)

There is another exact same thread… Please search the forum before creating a new thread :wink:

did do a search and didn’t find it. will research for it and see why I missed it. there is so much now and impatience probably plays a role.

did read the thread some time ago. understad it better. the answer was at the bottom of the thread/put in a dummy instrument with the name of perc 1 at the beginning.