Names of plugins overlapping with editor button in inspector

Slight cosmetic blemish, nothing more. But anyone else have this? It’s annoying.

See attached screenshot, thanks!
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.06.36 AM.png


Have you updated to 9.5.10? I seem to recall that cured it for some. Either way, yes, it’s a known issue hopefully to be cured i the next update.

I only get it in the lower zone (but only sometimes)…see here:

Ok it seems as if it won’t happen in a project CREATED in 9.5.10. I am using 9.5.10 but working on projects that were created in the previous iteration

That sounds familiar…for me I think it was Projects created in 9 and opened in 9.5.10. Beware of any Templates created there too.

I’ve just seen that my main template has this issue as well. However, I saved this template using 9.5 not 9.0.

Is there a fix for this?