Naming a part which has multiple players

@FredGUnn and thank you again! Good catch.

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Again, please read what I wrote. It will get you there.

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I was just thinking about this some more, and it seems to me like there are several issues with how Dorico handles staff labels for doublers. Please correct me if I’m wrong about any of this.

  1. There is no setting in either Layout or Engraving Options to allow for the full list of instruments the player is holding to appear underneath one another on the first system of the score. It would be nice if this could be automated as well as separation by a slash (as above), comma, ampersand, or nothing. Having multiple instruments listed on the same line is poor, because it takes up way too much horizontal space and throws off the look of the first system of the score.
  2. Show Player Group Names is not a viable solution for #1, because using it then eliminates the absolutely necessary correct abbreviated label to show what instrument is actually playing on all systems after the first.
  3. As a result of #1, the Full name of the instrument that begins the piece must be manually edited to appear correctly on the first system.
  4. As a result of #3, the instrument will no longer be correctly numbered (since the names are different) so the instrument number must be manually added as well.
  5. As a result of #3 and #4, condensing is no longer an option for that instrument, nor are some staff labeling options like “Group between staves.” “Label each staff” is really the only possible staff labeling option available now for the entire score, unless you are willing to accept labeling inconsistencies among the staves.
  6. Also as a result of #4, the instrument change label is now no longer acceptable as it contains a number. All instrument changes to that instrument must now be manually edited from the default “to Fl. 3” to the correct “to Fl.” as the “3” is unnecessary and confusing.

All these issues seem to arise due to lack of settings for #1. If there could be Layout or Engraving Options to better accommodate staff labels for doubling players, this would render all these other workarounds unnecessary.


This is why I suggested this. It would solve all the issues you described, right?

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Yeah, that seems to be the root cause of many of the score issues. There are some part issues with doublers too, including the name on the first page and then running headers on page 2 and beyond, but those are achievable with page overrides. I think basically all the issues with staff labels could be solved with your first system only suggestion.

I haven’t really thought it through, but staff label visibility and customization issues are probably going to need a lot more options when he team addresses cutaway scores too.

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