Naming All Track Parts

Is there a way to name all track parts with a command or function in one step rather than to individually name the parts after the track header name was changed?? I’ve been looking around Cubase and must not be looking in the right place.

Here is the scenario:

Assume I have multiple parts in the track that all have the name of the track. If I wanted to change the name of the track (because I am using a different instrument patch now, for example), I’d need to manually change the name of every part in that track to match the track header’s name.



Holding [Alt] or [Ctrl] or [Shift]on pressing [enter] after changing the track name in the track list will change all Parts´ name (Sorry, just realized I´m in the C6 forum - that´s valid at least for C5)

If you’re referring to changing all the region names on a single track, then yes, Thinkingcap is correct. When you name the track, and while it’s still in text editing mode, hold down any modifier key and hit “enter” and all the regions should change their names to the new track name.

Also for C6 :wink:

Awesome! Thanks everyone!

I’m skipping around in the manual to catch up on how Cubase approaches things. Sometimes it’s faster (and easier) to post these questions, so thanks for not minding and pitching in with help.