naming and copying a verse

I would like to be able name a verse/chorus/fill so that later on in the song I can simply paste that verse into a section rather than having to go back find it each time. I would choose the section I want from a list.


Doesn’t Arranger track fit your needs?

I have had a look at the arranger track (which I must admit I didn’t even know about) but as far as I can it seems more of a playlist of parts of a song. I can’t see a way of copying an event and then pasting it in later in the song?


Arranger Track is like a “Player” inside Cubase. So you can define dedicated parts of your project, and then you can play these parts in a defined order. This order, you define in the Arranger Editor. Thanks to this, you can te-arrange the song easily.

If you want to “print” the arrange (chain) you did, you can Flatten it to the current project, or to the new project.

Could be, this doesn’t fits your needs. If you want to Copy + Pate only one part in the project and you don’t do this task very often in your projects, then it doesn’t make sense to use Arranger track. But if you need to te-arrange pieces of your project often, then this is a great tool.

thanks but I think you are right and it is not really what I am looking for. It would be nice if I could simply name a section “verse” and then whenever I wanted another verse I would just say “paste here”.

Nuendo’s Clip Package can do this even accross a projects.