Naming duplicated tracks

Every time I duplicate a track, I rename the duplicate. I usually don’t want it to be called “Copy of Vocal,” for example. It would be great to have the option in preferences to rename tracks by increasing number. So it the track is called “Vocal”, the duplicate will be named “Vocal 2.” And if it’s “Ac Gtr2”, it will be renamed “Ac Gtr3.”


I’ve been waiting for this at least since Cubase 06/07 ! Seriously Please Save us Lord from that infamy !
Please finally give us the absolution : when u duplicate a track it should be named with increasing number, when you duplicate “vocal” it should automatically name the duplicated track “vocal 02” (or “vocal 2” I don’t really care) and if u duplicate vocal 02 the new duplicated track should be auomatically named “vocal 03” ! Please no more of those “copy of” and “(D)” Please this doesn’t sound very complex to implement so please do it once and for all !!! +1 +1 +1 + 1

BTW if any one as a way of doing this right now in Cubase 11 with macro / logical editor / external software please explain in detail, thanks !

Also just so you know Studio One has this (tiny but important) feature implemented, so please Cubase I don’t want to have to wait until Cubase 19.5 to stop renaming all of my duplicated tracks !

Ha - I wa s just thinking about this again the other day. Yes Steinberg, please implement it.

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