Naming-"Events to part"


And Thanks in advance for any help!

Does anybody know how to retain the name of the file (event) while using “events to part”? Is there an option in the preferences for this? I know there is “parts get track names” and I have this unchecked because I like to have a track that say e.g. “EFX”, but on that track I like to know which sound is being played e.g. “reverse cymb 1”.

As it stands I have to copy and paste the name into the part. Have tried mod keys to no avail . . . anyone know how to do this? Much appreciated if ya do!!



Hi Everyone,

Is the lack of response mean that it is not possible, or that I did not make my question clear.




Whenever I did it it became the track name or the lane name (which is even worse than the track name I think!!), couldn’t see any other preference. Guess that’s it… But in the dim distant past I remember something about track or file name. Perhaps that’s just for bouncing?


Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for your response. It looks like it is going to be copy and paste forever. Oh, well . . .

Thanks for taking time to comment!