Naming Events

In Preferences I have ‘Show Event Names’ and ‘Parts Get Track Names’ checked (Events/Parts? - confusing terminology :confused: )

Usually, when I record a Track the resultant audio file (Event/Part?) gets the name of the Track that it is on, but sometimes this does not happen. Not sure why - maybe because I need to ensure that I name the Track before recording the Part.

Anyway, I end up with a Track with a name and an audio Part/Event(?) with a generic name like ‘Audio 01_01’, but how can the name of the part now be changed?

Changing the name of the Track does not work, even though ‘Parts Get Track Names’ is checked.

I’ve tried to edit the part in the Project window and in the Pool, but the only thing I can find is ‘Rename Objects’ but I don’t think a Part/Event can be renamed with that option.

Are Events Parts, are Parts Objects, are Objects Events? - a conundrum.

And what on earth is the ‘Background Color Modulation’ preference in Event Display-Audio for? - In my view it has no value onat all and is a waste of valuable programming time.


For anyone’s information: I believe this is part of the reason iZotope RX Connect crashes when using it with Nuendo. I faulty naming results in crashes.

Most likely you are working with only (or mostly) EVENTs.
If you select several events and then select “Events to parts” this will turn All the events selected into a part, [a wrapper containing the selected events] which will treat all the selected events as 1 item. So don’t get fixated on parts unless you want that feature. I have been on Nuendo for 10 years and never used parts.

For the recorded files (events) to automatically get the name of the track you Must enter the name Before you engage record.

There are several ways to rename.

  1. Open the info line, you can change the field called "File Name’. I will describe ‘Description’ in another option below

  2. open the project browser (ctrl-B) you can change the ‘file’ name which is the name of the file on your hard drive and/or you can change the ‘name’ field which adds title info within brackets to the end of the file name. This ends up being the same as the ‘Description’ field in the info line (will show you soon).

  3. In the pool. Select the file you want to rename (hint if the event is selected in the project, the ‘find selected in pool’ key command will open the pool window and highlight the file(s) selected so you can find the file quickly) So… select the file in the pool, double click on the name field and change the name.

  4. open the track name field, enter the name, then hold Alt while pressing enter, this will add the name just entered, but as a prefix to the file name. in other words if the recorded files says ‘Audio-1’ and you enter ‘Fenderchris’ in the name field and press Alt-enter, the resultant name will be
    Fenderchris (Audio-1)’. Notice if you look at the info line the ‘Description’ field show Fenderchris and the ‘File’ name is Audio-1. you can change this so the Description and the file name are the same by copying the name you want from the ‘description’ field into the ‘file’ field.
    You can do the same thing in the project browser by ‘name’ field into the ‘file’ field.

    Using the rename function either in the pool or from the project window only adds prefix-postfix info, it will not allow you to comprehensively change the file name like the other methods listed.

Supposedly you can use the project logical editor to change a collection of file names, but I have not had the results I want and tend to change the names manually if they need changing.

Parts are a collection of events.

Hope this helps,

Hey Brain,

Thanks for such an in-depth reply. All that stuff seems to have been lost on me in the mists of time.