Naming inconsistency

Just spotted a slight inconsistency in behavior between the Markers tab and the CD tab. In the Markers tab, when you rename a marker and then press the down arrow on the keyboard, the name of the next marker is highlighted. In the CD tab, doing the same thing only puts the cursor at the end of the name, it doesn’t highlight it.

There’s a very obvious workaround to this: just rename in the Markers window instead, so it’s nothing that exactly messes up my workflow. But I wanted to mention it in case it’s an easy fix. For the record: I prefer when the name is highlighted.

Here in the CD tab, I observe the same behavior as in the Marker list.

PG and necromorbus, I get the same as necromorbus, but I must say I prefer the way it is in the CD Tab for Titles and ISRC. It makes it very easy to backspace and change just the last numbers of the ISRC, and I do the same with ends of titles quite often. Sorry to disagree but I use that a lot.

Just to add, I could get used to hitting the right arrow to deselect the selection before backspacing if this is changed, but that would be one extra keystroke. Not too bad, but personally I’d prefer it left as is.

Noooooo! :laughing: But I can understand what you mean about ISRC. The thing I like with having the title highlighted is that I can just start typing when I put in the titles. I can do a Ctrl-A or hold backspace, but it slows it down…slightly. :wink:

I tried a few different projects to be sure, but I get the same behavior in all. I’m on Win10 v1903, Wavelab 10.0.40

I see what you mean now. This should better be coherent, but since both ways have an interest…

Maybe if it’s possible to make the name highlight but ISRC to not?

I think they should all be the same, so I defer to necromorbus, and think his preference would work fine for all, and I can easily get used to the change, as I described.

For 10.0.50, I will make the naming in CD tab window, consistent with the Marker window.

Thank you PG!