Naming Instrument Filters and Templates

Two questions: (edit question 1 solved)

  1. Is there a way to save names with the instrument filters presets?

For example: “Woodwinds and Strings” instead of
“Picc, Fl1.2, On1.2, EngHn, Cl1.2, BCl, Bsn1.2, Cbsn, Vln1.2, Vla, VC, D.B”

  1. When saving a template from a song I can select the category and the file name for the new template in the dialog popup. But I can’t see which cathegories are already there and I can’t see which templates are inside the cathegory folders. In other words: the file structure is invisible.

It makes it hard to replace existing templates (for my own template updates) and I end creating unneccessary new cathegories like “Orchestras”, “Orchestral” because I simply can’t see the “Orchestra” cathegory when saving. I would prefer to have a normal file browser for saving.

Any tips?

(Using Dorico 5.0.10 on Mac M1 Monterey)

Thanks, Saxer

  1. Yes: click the Edit pencil icon in the Manage Instrument Filters dialog

Aaah thank you! :slight_smile:

There should really be a dedicated page that outlines exactly how to do this, I’ll get that added to the manual when it’s next updated.