Naming Markers and Arranger Track Sections

Not sure if this has already been addressed, but I think it would be a nice improvement to be able to name markers in a marker track just by clicking on them. It is possible to have the info line open at the top and use that to enter name data, but that’s the only thing I would use the info line for and I’m trying to free up space in my project window. It would be great to just click on a marker and have a text cursor appear there and then type in a name.

Also it would be helpful to be able to name sections in the arranger track the same way. Right now there is no other way to name them besides having the info line open. It would be great to select a section and then have a small tag appear in the top left of the selected section where you can enter a name. Or, just have a field in the inspector you can click on and create or edit a name.

These changes would be very much appreciated.


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