Naming Multiple Audio Events

Good morning and hullo from sunny Massachusetts!!

I am attempting to name MANY audio events similarly in an effort to export them all in an organized way from the project. For example, let’s say I have the tracks…
…that all have complete events for a single song on them. Now, I want to name the AUDIO FILES of each event as such:
Song1 Kick
Song1 Snare
Song1 T1
Song1 T2
Song1 Oh
Song1 Guitar
Song1 Bass
Song1 Synth

… so that I may look inside the audio folder and just grab them all at once without confusing them with other audio events in the project (and there are MANY).

What’s the best and quickest way to do this? Keep in mind, that I only listed a few channels above, but there are a LOT, roughly a hundred. PER SONG! and there’s about 12 of those! The goal here is to export these events with a similar name, as I’ve shown, all into a folder.

Now, I know that in Pro Tools (even though I hate Pro Tools and rarely use it) there is an event display to the right where you can get events and export as many or as few you like easily. There’s no such function in Cubase, as far as I can tell, and MAN - I’ve been using Cubase since SX1.

It’s too bad that there’s not a drag and drop function in Cubase where you can highlight events, and simply DRAG them into a Windows or Mac folder. Then the renaming could be done within that, easily. Maybe that should be a function request?

But for the time being, am I missing an easy way to do this? OTHER than simply highlighting event by event (ugh!!) and renaming them one by one?

Maybe I’m thinking about this too simple? But rename every track and hold down ‘Ctrl’ before hitting enter? Every event on that track will get the same name.

Well - this WOULD work - but you see, there are many events on the same track… FOR DIFFERENT SONGS…

Therefore, the name that gets put on multiple events would be wrong.

There are many songs (12) within the same project here. So, therefore every track will have 12 events. times about a hundred (every track). haha thats ALOT of renaming.

Is there any kind of “event list” like Pro Tools has? That I may not being seeing, or know about? Cuz man, then I simply could select all the events in the sequencer, and simply export them into a folder with a simple right-click!

There IS IN FACT an

Export -> Selected Tracks

function. It’s too bad there wasn’t an

Export -> Selected Events