Naming of Bounced Files

I usually have files supplied to my mixes from sound editors using ProTools via AAF. (I’m trying to bring them to the enlightened sided but it’s harder than it should be).

This always leads to really annoying rendered fades. I’m always processing clips with plugins so I have to bounce the clips to consolidate before applying the plugins. When I do this Nuendo renames the clip as the name of the first clip in the bunch I select, which is usually going to be called “fade.blah blah blah”.

Is it possible to have an option where bounces of multiple clips can be named buy the longest clip in the bunch or an option to exclude the word “fade” and derive the name from the first clip int he selection without “fade” in its name?

You might try using the logical editor by creating a key that renames the file by finding the word “fade” and removing it. That should allow your files to be named correctly after consolidated them.

Thanks. I was able to select all the files with the words “fade” or “sample” and give those clips blank names. It still leaves me with the same problem though. Now when I bounce the clips the blank name is carried across to the new bounce.

The problem I’m having is that Nuendo names the bounce by the name of the first clip in the selected group. I can’t figure out a way around that.

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What I meant was to get rid of the word “fade” only using the logical editor. Does that not just leave the file name you are looking for?

The best luck I’ve had is using AATtranslator, worth the investment. If you have the chance to ask the Pro Tools editor before he/she start its edit, to stay consistent in either work Interleaved or multi mono (best IMO) make it less messy bringing it into Nuendo by converting these back to Stereo, Ive had that some mono files show up as interleaved from PT for some reason when a session was set to interleaved in PT preference.

Thanks for your reply. I do have AATranslator but have never had success with it. When coming from PT I alway get some random clips running for incorrect durations. I give it a go every now and then but have always had problems with it sadly so I have had to stick to AAF’s.

It’s been about 6 months since my last attempt so I might look for a update and give it another go.

I do use it to import markers from PT sessions though which is fantastic for large voice record sessions.

Thanks Wheels. No sadly, that doesn’t work as the clip name of the fade doesn’t contain any useful info that relates to the clips it’s fading from/to. It just contains a bunch of randomly generated letters and numbers used in the AAF creation process. when I bounce this random junk is what then gets carried across as the name of the bounced clip

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