Naming of instruments

Hello, I know this has been asked already:
How do I get my instruments to show up in the score like this?

Corni (in D)

So far I have only managed to get:

Corni (in D) in D

How can I override the automatic instrument naming?
Thank you for help.

I recall asking the same question a few weeks ago and I seem to remember the answer being something to the effect that we can’t change that at the present but in a future update we will be able to have total control over the instrument names. But it wasn’t specified which update might include that ability.

For most instruments, you can prevent them from showing their transpositions using the options on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options, i.e. switching off ‘Show transposition in staff labels’, but David is right that we are in need of some more options here to enable full flexibility.