Naming Scheme Customizable?

I’m always adding the same extensions to my exported audio files (e.g. Instrumental, Vocal Mix, Date, etc.). Is there any way I can add these to the Naming Scheme so I can simply check “Instrumental” and “Date” for example, to add these to the end of my audio file?

Use the renaming feature in the Pool. You can store various Presets.


Thanks for the tip.

Euh, yes.
It’s all in the naming options in the export panel.
Just click on “naming scheme” and configure everything to your likings.


Well, in the “Naming Scheme” I don’t see a place where I can add “Instrumental” and make it a drop down choice. I only see Project Name, Channel Type, Channel Name and Mixer Index as choices. Am I able to add to or edit these in Nueno or an XML?

Oh … a “fixed” dropdown choice …
No that is not possible.
You can type “instrumental” in the name field, and add it to the nameing convention.