Naming Scheme Feature Request

In the Audio Export >Naming Scheme dialog box, I request one more naming option “selected track” as per my attached picture.

“channel name” is there, but that takes the name from the output you are exporting.

I often make radio and tv commercials that have many variations of the the same ad. I like to lay out the commercial with the common elements (video, music, fx) at the top and all the voice over variations on their own tracks below. I name each voice track as per the final file name that commercial needs to be. then just mute/unmute as I export.

Currently I have to copy/paste the name from the track to the Audio Export dialog, but the naming scheme has the potential to streamline that further if it only had “selected track” as an option.

very helpful for daily trailer work also (one trailer, different versions -> next week, monday, tomorrow…)

Hmmm… I wouldn’t really mind it as an option, though I wonder how they would deal with accidentally choosing more than one channel… and I personally much prefer stringing spots out over the timeline instead created cycle markers for each version…

I also string spots along the timeline, i like to keep each clients commercial or job in one big session and they often get updated every few months, so i go vertically down the tracks for this months group of ads (there may be 20-50 versions, multiple cities, on sale now, on sale next week, etc) , then next month ill move horizontal along the timeline and so on.