Naming Scheme help

Hey guys,

Is there now way to set it up so that the tracks will batch export with the names u type into the individual tracks? I choose channel name but this is giving it the outputs name, for example the instrument.

So I have a rack instrument lets say Nexus, I name that channel “Lead synth” I choose batch export use naming scheme as channel name. But it comes back as Nexus?



I would agree, this is a bit of an oversight. I would suggest looking at the following for the time being…

But naming output’s on the batch export feature is kind of flawed at the current time IMO. Without manually naming them which is extremely time consuming, I really don’t see another way. I would also argue that we need a BIP as well… Hopefully we will see this expanded in a future version.

Okaay, see if this works. In Cubase. Go Shift+F2 and show the info line.

On your “Nexus” track or part (the bit that says "File, Description, Start, End, Length etc.) info line does it say “Nexus” under the File header?. If so then try changing the Description (which should also say “Nexus”) to one which makes more sense.
See if that Exports with more sensible titling. Should look like “Nexus (Lead synth)” now?

I have MEAP. I havent used it since 5 though. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go back to that after batch export ws finally implemented. Have the upgraded Meap now how is it now? I didnt like i had to babysit it.

Yea i usually always change this to match the track name i have given… Maybe in this instance I didn’t Ill have to check again.