naming scheme > not working ?

hello guys,

using a naming scheme when rendering multiple files seems to be not functioning. is this only me ? Anyone else?

I try to render an audio book with CD Track Slice Markers to .wav and .mp3. Have set up a naming scheme with CD Text Track Name and a “custom text” string. The custom text is used fine, but the CD Track Names are completely ignored!

Am I missing a setting here?

WL 9.5.30 / MacPro

Naming scheme is working great here. I use it for a variety of things.

Is the CD track name ignored in the resulting file name or are you trying to view this info as metadata in another app?

It’s tough for me to help you much more since the screen shot is not in English but I’m guessing it’s a setting issue and discrepancy between CD-Text track names, and marker names.

Did you actually enter CD-Text or did you just name the markers?

Maybe you know, but you can use the CD-Text Editor Box to populate all the CD-Text Track Names from the marker names in one command.

the CD Track Names are completely ignored

Did you try the “CD Check” function, to verify that the CD configuration is valid?