Naming scheme options- names based on events of a specific track

I would like to see features added that will enable us to export a large number of audio events (like 100’s or 1000’s) in a quick and automated manner while naming them based on event names of a particular track.
EVENT NAMES -> select track from which event names are to be pulled from

Multi-track drum-sampling session consisting of 500 events on a timeline. Let’s say the 500 events are grouped by relevance, each consisting of 10 events, such as kick-samples, snare-samples, hats-samples etc… We could create a MIDI track and make empty midi events above each of these sections and give those midi events unique names: kick-samples, snare-samples, hats-samples, etc.
We want to be able to specify in the Audio Export naming scheme that we want names to be pulled from the MIDI track events at a current location.
We already have an ability to have an automatic counter, which would automate our process resulting in files such as:
kick-samples-01, kick-samples-02, …snare-samples-01, snare-samples-02, etc…

This process could save hours on a boring manual procedure.

Thank you!