Naming Scheme When Creating Multiple Tracks

I Just recently upgraded to Cubase 12 and noticed a change in the way Cubase was naming tracks when creating multiple at once. What I was used to from as far back as I can remember was when creating multiple tracks I could enter a name like VOX 1 and the created tracks would be named VOX 1, VOX 2, VOX 3, …ect. Now I’m seeing a new naming scheme when using the same name it will create tracks named VOX 1 01, VOX 1 02, VOX 1 03. Alternatively, I could just drop the number when creating the tracks but it would still include the additional 0 before the number which I feel is unnecessary.

Another benefit to the naming scheme I had before was if I had a few tracks created already and wanted to continue with consecutive numbers, I could create however many more tracks I needed and use a name with the next number. For instance, if I had VOX 1-5 already in the session, I could create 3 more tracks and use the name VOX 6 and would get VOX 6, VOX 7, and VOX 8. Very helpful from a workflow standpoint.

I don’t remember making any changes specific to this in preferences but is there any way to get this naming scheme back? Are there any workarounds? Was there a change to the software in 12 that caused this to happen? Thanks for any help!

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Try this:

Add track
Select 4 tracks
Type Vox

you get :

Add track
Select 3 tracks
Type Vox

you get:


Yes that’d be nice to have