Naming Takes on the Same Audio Tracks

Hi All. I am doing an audio recording of a difficult piano piece on the same three tracks. So I have five takes of the same piece on the same 3 tracks. I’m expecting to have to cut and splice the best sections of each of the five takes to make up one whole piece. I would like to rename the takes according to the best-played bars in each take. For example, in take 2, the best bars are Bars 20 - 54. How do I do that? That is, how do I give take 2 the name ‘Bars 20-54’?


I expect you are talking about Audio track, right?

Please, be aware, an Audio Takes are just virtual. In fact, it’s one long audio file, which is virtually divided to multiple takes in Cubase (this is just the visual representation for the user). So if you change the name or the description of the take, it will be applied to all takes.

Myself, I’m using Cycle Markers to make a notes, which take I would like to use in which time range.