Naming Tracks and Albums

I am new to WaveLab. Is there a way that I can add data when I burn a redbook CD so that the data will appear when the CD is inserted into a player such as iTunes or a CD player that displays track names? I did try Edit CD Text in the CD window from the Montage Workspace and this didn’t work.

You have to realize that media players such as iTunes and WMP don’t read from the CD itself, but read from an online database to recognize it. Your burnt CD-text is on the CD, but mostly hardware players (usually car CD-players) will read this.


I am also having this problem; My burned CD’s track info doesn’t display on my car stereo (or anywhere else). My car stereo displays info from all CDs burned from iTunes and most retail CDs (as a control, I used a retail copy of Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool). Why doesn’t the CD data write to the disc when burning via Wavelab as opposed to iTunes?


Search in the WL Help or read in WL manual about “CD-Text”
this is what the most external CD reader will display

I guess in iTunes what happens is CD info from the internet (Gracenote etc )
is converted to CD-Text and then is written to the Audio CD

Internet CD Info exist as data base info about CD’s
CD-Text is also info about the the CD but is written to the Audio CD

regards S-EH

A very good test to see if CD-text was actually written is simply importing the CD back into WL. At the first dialog, it should be read already (before actually ripping - not necessary). Some writers claim to write CD-text, but actually do not. Obviously if it was written from iTunes, the writer does support it. If ofcourse we’re really talking CD-Audio and not data CDs with MP3 or AAC files on it.

Thanks for your reply. I just performed the test you suggested and the track names on the retail cd are listed correctly (without connecting to the internet), however, the cd track names burned with Wavelab read as Track 01, Track 02, etc. The latter cd was created from an audio montage with cd markers titled and all title fields populated within the CD-Text Editor prior to burng the disc.

Something must have gone wrong there. BTW, marker titles have no bearing on CD-Text. Did you go through all pages of the CD-Text Editor? You need to scroll down for each next track - which I still think is a ridiculous way. It’s something that can easily be overseen…

Yes, I scrolled through all pages of the CD Text editor and all tracks are properly titled. The marker titles do have some bearing on cd text, as there is a feature within the CD Text editor that copies the name of each CD track start marker to the title field of each CD track, which is what I used. The “Enable CD-Text Burning” boxed is checked as well.