Namm 2012 No killer products?

I have been looking at Namm 2012 on line. All I can find is more MIDI controlers and new guitars.
Nothing miuch from Steinberg, nothing from people like Spectrasonics seem very quiet too.
There does not seem to be any cutting edge technical devloopments. In fact I can think of any really cutting edge developments since Melodyne a decade ago

Is there anything really new going on in the Digital Musical Universe?


Waddaya mean ? Waldorf Pulse 2 was announced. :mrgreen:

As for the Workstation stuff I think only the OpenScope announcement was worthy of any real attention ( and only so because people are already building on top of it

There were a couple of interesting digital synthesiser plugins released last year that are quite different and not just another set of analogue/workstation/organ clones but both from small European vendors that could not afford to make it to NAMM

Oh sh*t, is Waldorf making more synths again >.<
That’s gonna cost me :imp:

edit: wow, that will look epic next to my limited edition black Blofeld… Durr, hope it’s not too expensive!


something will come to Frankfurter Musik Messe 2012

Is interesting I think in combination with VST Expression/Note Expression



Aloha and Wow!
Looks very kool.

First thought… you could use it for mixing :laughing:

Seriously though, its so obvious I wonder why it’s not been done before :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty cool, but dang, that’s quite a bit of money. :open_mouth:

It’s very expensive indeed, and I’m not sure I like being forced to play all keys at their edges to prevent detuning my piano :slight_smile:

I was wondering about that and how hard it would be to keep from activating the keys’ pitch shifting attributes. I was actually hoping you could turn off this feature, but if you can, it’s not advertised on the website. All in all, really fine controller; but a bit fancy for my style.


Seeing as it’s just a controller, you can just not assign the touch output I guess.

Nope, no teaser. There is also an other instrument that makes use of the note expression feature

No I meant Tease as in “Flirt”, both of these are quite expensive :smiley: but I would love to see more inexpencive controllers use the technology and hardware synths use some of the high res features of VST3.5 as well