NAMM - Anything Exciting Yet?

By Vendors other than Steinberg?

Universal Audio has a FW UAD-2

Massively amazing Omnisphere 1.5 update was announced. Lots of goodies and enhancement. And more presets. And the ORB! And it’s free. Woo! :mrgreen:

A new guitar bridge that alleviates tuning problems. You know, like the many other guitar “innovations” that were supposed to correct tuning issues. The blurb said the new bridge design will one day be ubiquitous on all guitars

We’ll see

pff :laughing: yep!

A half decent guitar played by a half decent player would tend to stay ‘in tune’ anyway :unamused: More time should be spent on ear-training than ‘innovating’ different ways of fecking up the way we do the basics! Jimi’s guitars were always drifting out but he either compensated or went with it. I witnessed Eric play through a complete song with a broken G-string where he had to micro-bend lower strings and skip frets on the upper strings. But now the thought of EC in a g-string is making me slightly queasy :neutral_face:

If my brain made that association between the words EC and g-string I’d pour Draino in my ears to teach it a lesson. If it only made me slightly queasy I’d drink the Draino, too. :yfc:

Yes, and no. I consider myself more than “half decent” and guitar tuning issues drive me mad. It’s not something that can be overcome by string bends, either. The biggest drawback of this new bridge innovation is that it reduces sustain. They also don’t have a version yet for a floating tremolo guitar (which my main axe is).

Try some snake oil on the nut and the strings will move over it smoofly!

While you’re at also try a few drops in the wallet …

This is exciting. The new Orb feature allows you to randomly yet intelligently change the
sound of a patch by simply dragging the mouse around the sphere(or your finger around the ipad).
Perfect for someone like me who can’t be bothered to go too deep into programming sounds,
and a good reply to the ‘everyone sounds the same’ argument.

And yes - it’s FREE!** :sunglasses:

** to registered Omnisphere owners, of course.

You surprise me Doug - over the last few years I’ve realised that to be ‘in tune’ doesn’t mean getting that tronic tuner within a gnats bollox of the marker, it’s more how the guitar feels and the ears hear it - especially in a live situation where the bass player never bothers tuning up anyway! :wink:

Oh I agree with that – sort of. Anymore I only use a tuner on either the E or A string and tune everything else by ear. The problem with the guitar by design is even if you get it in tune in one key, it will be out of tune in another. For example, on the typical guitar if you get a C chord in tune, when you fret an E chord the G-sharp will be, uh, sharp, and sound terrible. Live, you can’t do anything about it, other than reach a compromise. But for recording I just retune and then punch in any chords/voicings that are out of tune. This new thing apparently uses springs to correct the way string tensions when fretting various chords can make a guitar go out of tune.

‘By design’ :slight_smile: That’s the nature of the beast - the guitar ‘as we know it’ wasn’t designed to be in tune across the whole spectrum, it was designed as a live instrument to accompany badly singing minstrels to give their warblings some semblance of tunability. The minstrel I accompany is usually in the wrong key anyway, so it don’t matter.


keyboard player: “What key are we in?”
Singer: “The one I’m singing in”
Guitar player:“What’s a key?”

Seems like IK Multimedia is working on some new Amplitube thingie :sunglasses:

I don’t know, they seem to have their iFocus so far up their iAss they don’t seem to be working on anything I care about.

The drummer showed up? IMPOSSIBLE!

The $20.11 Studio One Artist sale almost crashed PreSonus’s corporate servers from so many people downloading the gigabytes of content … that was mildly exciting (or nerve wracking, depending on your job or function) for some I guess.


The Korg Kronos looks very interesting – 12 GB memory, streams content from drive much like sample libraries, among many other cool features

Is that the $5k workstation with the great human voice sounds and all that? I watched a vid of one, I think that was it, and thought… wow… that thing sounds really good.