Namm show 2024

I was at the Anaheim Namm show today. The 3rd floor Yamaha area in the ballroom is gorgeous…as Yamaha always is at Namm :slight_smile:

Cubase/Nuendo was everywhere! At the Montage keyboard areas…other keyboard/editor areas…at the dm7 digital mixers area…all over the room. Especially Nuendo. Maybe a dozen different running systems all over the ballroom. To be expected of course.

I met Greg Ondo at the dedicated Steinberg area of the room. Such a nice guy! I thanked him for all the videos he makes and how helpful his info is when I need it.

The dm7 mixers look/feel so nice. I (unsuccessfully) tried to find ways of asking my Yamaha friends in the ballroom what the future holds for tight Cubendo controller integration. Did I say how cool those dm7s are next to Nuendo?

At any rate, thank you Steinberg. It’s nice to see you so prominent at Namm…and a special thanks to Armand for the past couple of weeks of tech help with general issues.

I own Cubase13, Nuendo13, Wavelab12, Spectralayers10. I just love these products and how they serve my creativity!

Being at Namm today certainly brought that to my focus :slight_smile:


Horrible. I hate touch-screens.