nanoKontrol MIDI weirdness

I’ve got a nanoKontrol I use to control various bits of gear.

Normally this works fine, but about 3 weeks ago it stopped working. After fiddling around a bit I sorted out what’s occurring but I don’t have any ideas about the root cause or how to get around it.

After booting the system none of the nanoKontrol’s controls work. If I look in Device Manager it sees the nanoKontrol and thinks it is operating normally.

If I then unplug the usb cable and re-plug it into the nanoKontrol the entry in Device Manager disappears and reappears - exactly as expected. But now the controller works as expected.

Latest drivers and from what I can tell the onset didn’t occur with a Windows update. It is plugged into a hub (powered) but kind of needs to be. Nothing in the physical setup has changed from when this worked as expected.

I’m kinda getting tired of having to re-plug the device after every boot. BUT I’m really getting tired of forgetting to fitz with the cable and then getting blasted out of my chair by a youtube video. :astonished: