Nanokontrol Studio midi remote script?

Does anyone have a Nanokontrol Studio midi remote script please?

Hey, Madge! I see this is an old post that nobody has responded to yet. I just got all excited when I found a Cubase template on Korg’s website. Buzz killed: it’s old. I’m going to embark on creating one. I will let you know either here or MCC if I’m successful. Ed

@efg123 ,
Have you been able to create any kind of template or MIDI remote script for the NanoKontrol Studio as of yet? Would be great if someone could come up with one to work with.

I am not a programmer, so no script. I just manually created the layout and assigned Cubase functions and commands to the buttons and faders. I found that the rotary controls and the row of “select” buttons do not like to be reassigned for some reason and the default values persist, so unfortunately, I am not using them. What I did manage to do was reassign all 24 of the “mute”, “solo” and “rec” buttons as well as some of the transport buttons. I assigned the faders to the current channel and Channel QC 1-7. I made a second page where the faders are assigned to Focus QC instead of Channel QC. I don’t know if this would be useful for anybody else. It saves me a lot of mouse clicking, but it’s tailored to my workflow.