Nanokontrol2 fader is sending information to pitch bend

Hello to anyone,

I have my Korg Nanokontrol2 set up in DAW mode, however, when I move any faders at all, the pitch-bend function is triggered on whatever instrument is highlighted. This makes the Nanokontrol2 useless since I cannot move any faders without pitches being adjusted. Has anyone had a similar problem?


Your nanokontrol is switched to the “control” or Mackie mode. This is useful when you went to control Cubase MixConsole.

Switch nanokontrol to the CC mode.

i had the same problem with my mackie mcu.

you need to go to midi connections (studio setup) and deactivate the “all midi” on you nanokontrol. this way instrument tracks which have “all midi” set as their input don’t recognize you nanokontrol as a midi controller, but you can still use it for the faders.

Yes, this is true, if you want to control Cubase (MixConsole) by any Mackie Control.

I have the same issue… if I want to use the nanokontrol 2 to send modulation, expression, etc. to Kontakt for exemple, how can I set it up?
And, is it possible to use the transport feature while using faders to send cc ?

I have a Nanokontrol (not 2) that I do not use to control the MixConsole but just as a bunch of knobs/faders to send cc data. This is how I have it setup.

  1. It does NOT have a Generic Remote or any other entry under Studio Setup>Remote Devices - nothing.
  2. It is included as a MIDI Port in “All MIDI Inputs” and of course is also available as a single Port.
  3. I used Korg’s utility (forget name) to assign knobs & faders to different numbered cc’s.

Setup like that it basically acts like a set of controls on a MIDI Keyboard controller without the keys.

Also I don’t just use it to control stuff in Cubase. It also controls things on my RME audio interface and Helix amp modeler.


The utility is named Korg KONTROL Editor. :wink: