NanoKontrol2 - One Fader controlling Two Automation lanes

Hi - I have an issue with my NanoKonrol 2 in Cubase. I have the NanoKontrol set-up as Mackie Control and am using the Korg Kontrol Editor to send MIDI CC data to Cubase, and that’s all working great. However, the fader which I assigned to CC21 is also controlling the Panner in Cubase. I don’t want it to do this.

What do I need to do to make Cubase ONLY use the fader for CC21 and turn off whatever is assigning the Panner to that fader?


Hi and welcome,

There is no sense to set-up NanoKontrol as Mackie Control in Cubase and don’t use the NanoKontrol in Mackie Control mode.

Please, what is your goal?

If you want to control the MixConsole from NanoKontrol, use the Mackie mode on the NanoKontrol and set it up in Cubase as Mackie Control. If you want to send MIDI CCs from NanoKontrol, record MIDI CCs to the MIDI/Instrument tracks, set NanoKontrol to the MIDI CC mode and don’t use it as Mackie Control in Cubase. If you want to control Quick Controls, use MIDI CC mode on NanoKontrol, remove the Mackie Control from Cubase and assign the MIDI CCs in the Quick Control set-up-

Thanks! Removing the Mackie Control worked. All the set-up instructions for the NanoKontrol said to use Mackie Control so I didn’t know that it would work without it.

Thanks again!