nanoKONTROL2 question#2

Is it possible to use two (2) nanoKONTROL2 units with Cubase/Kontakt, hooked up at the same time to (obviously) different USB ports, where they will both be seen as individual units, and where they can operate independently of one another?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry Jeff, no idea - but I thought I’d answer in case you thought I was avoiding the question. Not tried it.
Anyway, you only offered Vic a kiss in question 1 :slight_smile:

My educated guess…
Plug them both in. Windows will give them unique names such as appending a (1) and (2) on the end (like it does with duplicate file names). Then, Cubase will treat them like unique controllers. It has no idea they are physically the same.

Hi Jeff,
I don’t know the answer to that either, but here’s my guess (worst-case scenario)…
No problem using several Nanos (presumably with different settings) in Cubase. However, I don’t know if they will be labelled clearly (dunno if you’ll see “NanoKontrol #1”, “NanoKontrol#2”, or just two instances of “NanoKontrol”).
On the other hand, I have no idea how the Korg Nano Editor will work (whether it will see both KanoKontrols). If it does see both (selectable separately), then, presumably no problem. If it only sees one, then, (my guess), no problem editing a configuration, but you might need to have only one NanoKontrol online when using “Communication>Write Scene Data” (it might not know which one to send to).
(EDIT: Jaslan posted at the same time:) So, no problem as using them in Cubase… but my comment about the Korg Editor is still valid, I think :wink: )

Ok guys, thanks.