nanoKONTROL2 question#3

Is there any way to write the nano fader moves into a controller lane in Cubase?

Thanks in advance.

Yes (but it’s a bit complicated, and you’ll need some MIDI Loopback software on PC, in order to do anything useful with the data once you’ve recorded it… e.g. send that recorded data to Quick Controls in the Devices menu)…
Have the Nano as the input to a MIDI track, and the track’s output routed to the loopback output. In the Devices menu>Track (and/or VST) Quick Controls, have the loopback return as its input.
(a “fringe benefit” of this, is that you can then use anything that is recorded on the MIDI track, including MIDI FX such as Auto LFO, to pilot the Quick Controls slots :wink: )

Cool - thank you! :smiley: