Nanologue - New Presets Coming in 2014?

I use Nanologue with Cubasis and it works seamlessly.

The factory presets are awesome, but more would be nice.

Is there any chance that we can get some more presets in a future update?

I would be willing to pay for additional quality presets.

*More VST-like apps such as Nanologue would be greatly received by iPad users. Please consider a Padshop app for the iPad. I would gladly pay money for such a product.

I’m not an avid synth programmer. Trying to replicate the sound of the song by Muse - “Madness”. If someone could help me with the settings for Nanologue, it would be greatly appreciated. By the sound of some of the presets, Nanologue might be the perfect synth to use for our cover.

Hi LeeSteel,

normally we do not give this kind of advice in the forum, but I found this interesting :wink:
that muse sound seems to be essentially a sawtooth bass with filter modulation. But since NANOlogue has only one oscillator it will always sound a little more dry then the sound in the song. Try to play around with the NANOlogue factory preset “Acid House Bass” (actually the first one in the list): Remove the delay, move the VCF Env Attack to about 920 ms and you can get pretty close.
I bet with MicroLogue from Cubasis one could get even closer.

Hopefully this pointed you in the right direction. I recommend to watch some tutorials about subtractive synthesis to get an inside how this is working.

All the best