Napoli - mix 2

Im not going to analyse this creation you have made , brilliant playing and production and it shows a wealth of experience and great knowledge for which some youngsters can not comprehend .
Great piece sir !!!

You are ,come down off that trip your on and except that yours ears are not the only ones in the world !

jonathan isn’t on a trip…he just gives his honest and frank opinion, his ears are the only ones he’s got and if we put up our work to this forum we can and should expect a wealth of differing opinions…that’s what makes this forum so good, your attempt to “put down” a “youngster” is not worthy of this forum…all opinions ( given without prejudice) are welcome …Kevin

“younsters” tend to have less experience than “mature” people don’t you think and this is a mature accomplished piece that “some youngster” may not understand ,doesn’t make it wrong .
Do you own the forum kevin ??? no ,and I think you will find I have as much right as you me old chum to post here ,so if you don’t mind I was not talking to you SIR !!!
kzarider ,it’s a very nice piano piece once again well done ! :wink:

I’d first of all like to thank you for now derailing what was a perfectly adult exchange of both information and opinions with your childish insults and attitude. I’m quite surprised that you have the audacity to refer to others as “youngsters” when you throw childish attacks on internet forums around.

I assume that you didn’t read either of my posts or that you simply glossed over and seemingly forgot the contextual perspectives of my post in order to fuel your immense desire to not only take offense, but rather moronically take offense on someone elses behalf. In my first comment Kenny took no offense and replied back and exchanged information and opinion. If you’re trying to tell Kevin that you weren’t speaking to him so he shouldn’t have any right to reply to you. Well, by following that very same logic; I was speaking to Kenny and not you so perhaps you should follow your own advice, hmm?

If you wish to exchange ideas back and forth like an adult, then fine, exchanging information and ideas is always good. But when all you is try to flame, put down and/or take offense about something and have absolutely zero grounds to stand by for what you are saying…well, that very much speaks entirely for itself. You also very rarely post in this section of the forum so I’m not entirely sure whether you’re just trolling for “funz” or having a bad day at work. I might also add that if you’re so afraid to give or receive any criticism then you might as well stick to Youtube for the “subscribe for subscribe” environment. I give both praise and criticism where I feel it is fair. I’m also willing to admit when I am wrong at things, so instead of using childish attacks why don’t you reply with a post that actually contains some substance and more importantly, merit.

"and this is a mature accomplished piece that “some youngster” may not understand ,doesn’t make it wrong . "

So when I complement the overall piece and individual elements and then agree with several above who thought that the bowed bass notes didn’t sound good and give my perspective on why that may be, what you (mistakenly) hear is that I am stating that the entire piece is “wrong”? I’m sorry, but you honestly like a 12 year old with the kind of illogical thought process and lack of reasoning that you have behind these false statements that you are making and I wonder if you can actually read properly or whether your reading skills are as illiterate as your typing skills. MyLittlePony forums are --------> thattaway, btw filterfreak.

Now that everyone has had his or her turn, can we get back to kzarider’s piece, regardless what we think of anyones opinion? ( no offense to anybody of course)
Really musical, very gifted when you’re able to pull off such a piece of music, I think.

Life is tough enough without bashing those who we seek help and guidance from. I actually do come here as opposed to other sites for help in things that I mess up and hearing things I miss. I have done 3 or 4 edits since everyone shared their thoughts with me for no charge. Each change has truly help the music. I haven’t agreed with every statement that anyone has made but I never would count them as invalid either.

It’s life experience story time lol I had a teacher growing up that would put a panel of his best students together to critique our playing. Each lesson started that way. They blasted me and it should of hurt. I went home and practiced, they blasted less. This went on for months with me working harder at it, till the day came when they couldn’t find anything to say bad. Someone in panel asked teacher what he taught me that he didn’t teach them, all he said was you guys are bums he listened, learned from you and practiced what you taught him. He turned to me and said now it’s my turn to critique you.

That’s a paraphrase and the language is a little better than he used…I really do find it a privilege to be complimented and critiqued. This forum is a fine school and I believe that Jonathon’s nature is very analytical, mine is very emotional so I really enjoy/study his comments. He made me research what I wrote for that instrument and decide if it would work. His idea about adding cello/bass I actually considered but decided against because of the direction I want this to follow. I only wanted a trio (unless we add percussion) so cello is out for me, but the striking note comment in talking about Edgar Meyer’s playing also has me looking for alternate articulations to make my parts more realistic. His critique has me trying to learn my instruments better. We both also know we have differences in loves of musical style because we have discussed this previously, but can anyone say that learning from someones ability doesn’t make you better?

I promise I can stand up for myself if there is an uncalled for statement as I am sure a few people here can testify to. filterfreak so much thanks the compliments, I do have pretty think skin though lol. Thanks for listening ThePresent ! Wish I knew everyone’s real names though

Think I had better shut up as I’ve had to much wine. My ears are bleeding cause the sound guy at our show was so horrible and the wine was so great :blush: . Thanks to everyone here!!! Marco and I really enjoyed working on this and he is aggressively trying to line up backers to do an entire project so we will have real people and no simulations of instruments. I’m crossing my fingers

Kenny, well said, despite the wine! You’re right; the atmosphere here has to be thick skin and positive reaction to any suggestions or criticism. That’s what makes this place so useful. Still love the piece!

Another beautiful piece, Kenny.
Beautiful playing by Marco. :sunglasses:

I really enjoyed listening!

Yeah, I’m glad the majority of members are not only not afraid of receiving criticism but also giving it, and honestly. I feel constant praise actually starts to come across as fairly half-hearted, especially when there are no reasons given. I try to give specific reasons as to why I enjoyed something and why I didn’t enjoy something so much because personally I find that both of those help me. Making criticisms and being wrong helps you learn much more than staying completely mute and never giving any thought about how or why things work.

Personally I learned that my absolute range was mistaken by an octave. But more importantly, I’d never considered having the bass striking a note and then playing a phrase so through the discussion I’ve added a new compositional tool to my arsenal. I still think at the pitch that it’s bowing at it sounds great in unison with the violin, but I think solo it just wouldn’t have as nice of a tone to it and compositionally feel a little empty.

For the benefit of those seldom sour apples that occasionally try to sound tough online; Kenny knows how much I enjoy his music, he also knows how much I respect him as a musician and we can give each other both criticism and complements without having to overdo it with insecure praise all the time. Learning is good, discussion is good, end of. Now…where’s that wine Kenny and I’ll join you in a glass. :smiley:

That sounds great, crossing my fingers too. :wink: A full album of pieces like this and Someday and Forever would be great and I’d be rather privileged to be among the first to purchase it.

The playing and mix sound professional to me. Great job.

This is awesome. I just got lost in it. Great job Kenny!


Mesmerizing. Nice work, as always, Kenny. As long as it is, there are always plenty of sweet surprises along the way.

Thanks J.L. !!! Mix is easy with three instruments though :slight_smile:

Wes that is a wonderful thing to hear, when I listen back I do too

Lenny the surprises came as we were recording we had a small idea when it started and we just played and it warped. It needs real bass though :frowning:

I’m not sure what all you did (or didn’t do) Kenny, but the piece sounds perfect to me now. The nylon sounds much nicer, and the group all sounds like they’re in the same space. :sunglasses:

I know I may be a bit late on this one, but I really enjoyed it, just like everything else on your page! Killer piano samples, killer piano skills. :smiley:

Funny, I live pretty close to Nashville myself…

:laughing: True, oh so true.

I just revisited this song after listening to it two months ago for the first time. Love the piece. It’s truly a nice composition, and the melding of the guitar and piano is really well done.

Really? Would like to get together one day, let’s try and make that happen!

Definitely. :slight_smile:

Very smooth and very soothing. Great job with the mix!


i thought i`d commented on this one already ,must have been the first mix,to quote Santana ,Hearing this is like eating fresh watermelon in the summer,very nice.