Narration using hidden notes

Having tried various methods to include narration in a score, I’ve found that the best method for my present project is - for the unmeasured sections - to use Lyric input, setting two or three words at a time to a each note and then hiding the notes completely. That ensures that the bar is wide enough to include all the words (example shown).
Screenshot 05-06-2022 16.54.33
I right-click for ‘headless’ in the notehead category of the right-click in Write mode, and the ‘hide stem’ option in Engrave mode. Is there a one-click method which I’ve missed?

There is no one-stop action to hide a note.

Another approach. Attach the lyric to the bar rest. Add a note spacing change to something large to space out the bar. With another in the next bar to reset spacing. Then hide the rest with the Alpha Channel or Scaling trick. ( Edit > Remove Rests doesn’t work as that removes the Fermata as well)