Narrowing a stereo patch without artifact?

Hi - what is the best way to do that? If I don’t want my piano to be all the way appear across the stereo field for example, it’s easy enough to just narrow it, but then comb filtering our other artifacts become apparent.

Is this something I need to spend money on a plug-in for, or can I put together something “manually” to get the job done?


Stereo enhancer (cubase plug)not doing the trick for you?

Right click your panner and select combined panner from the menu. Click in the middle of it and drag up or down to open or close the width.

Thank you guys!

I narrowed it down using Stereo Enhancer, then panned it around as Tom suggested.

It works … but the narrowing to my ears is adding something not so nice. It doesn’t sound like comb-filtering to be honest, just sort of seems to put a fog over it (I played a wide passage on a piano patch).

Is Stereo Enhancer as good as it gets, or is it worth looking for other options (or trying to build my own)? I don’t need or want to pay for a fancy GUI if the sound is not significantly different from Stereo Enhancer.

Thanks much!

You have your panner set to the type shown in the above image? The center panner type in the image above?

That should be the cleanest way to narrow it. You could try flux stereo tool as well.

Stereo enhancer is probably adding something you don’t like. I wouldn’t use that to narrow something. I would change the panner type or use flux.

Hi Tom -

I don’t know if Cubase 7.5 has that same panner display, it has something similar but not as ergonomic (Can’t pic it up in the middle to drag pan, pain in the neck really). But I’ll use that, and also look for the flux (at work, is that a Cubase plug-in).


Hmmm… I’m lost here now. Are you saying you don’t have those panner types? they have been there as long as I can remember.

The graphics/GUI changed after 6.5. Afaik, no more blue area you can pick up and pan in 7.5.40.

Cant you change the pan type by rightclicking in the pan area or something channelsettings or so? Ever since 8 i forgot everything before…lol:p

Here is a screen capture of the cubase 7 operation manual on panners.

RTFM MUCH?!?!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: (joking)

Flux stereo tool:

I use it allllllll the time!

Interesting, neither of my panners in 7.5.40 look like they do in that picture. Mine have no blue at all, just a dot or a line, probably monochrome, as I recall. Definitely no “region”, blue or otherwise, to drag L/R as in 6.5, as far as I can tell.

I see that no one who has kindly answered in this thread actually has Cubase 7.5.40, or even any version of 7.5. Can someone who does please take a look at their project please … do the panners look like they do in Tom’s picture?

Thanks for the heads up!

In flux stereo tool, the parameter you described you want is the width slider to open and collapse the image. The plugin is essentially all of cubase’s pan modes with the addition of channel gain and phase. The very bottom slider lets you morph between a and b presets. You can be really creative with this plug. It is great for a quick and dirty ms setup (follow the plug with a 100% wet 10 millisecond (approx) delay, phase invert one channel in flux.) Use it to widen vocals in song choruses … Blablabla…

It must do some processing above and beyond narrowing the image … maybe split the track (L/R, M/S) and change the phase of one of them? I’ve read somewhere that can help, and was actually thinking of trying that out myself, but didn’t want to get lost down the rabbit hole. I’ll look at the website more when I get off work (pushing it a bit here already!).

Hey, writing that just made me think of possibly a really simple way I could narrow the stereo image of a patch without having comb-filtering or other artifacts … convert it to M/S, and then lower the volume of the side components?

Yes. In that case, use Voxengo’s msed. The MS quick and dirty I demonstrated above is for taking a monophonic to stereo. :smiley:

Yahh, I’m good for widening, have Soundtoys Micropitch, RVP for realistic doubling, and besides I have a large mouth :laughing: