Nashville Drums for Groove Agent

Hi all,
I’ve just downloaded the Nashville drums expansion for Groove Agent, and it appears to me that there is very little difference between the different presets in the library. There are certainly some compression differences however I would have expected a broader range of tunings etc across the different presets and, having worked with a Nashville session drummer, I am aware of the steps they take to get just the right sound for the song they are working with. Could someone advise please?
Many thanks.

Good Morning,
Not a reply as such more a request for advice.I purchased “Nashville drums” online but the activation code is not recognised by either e-licenser or download assistant. Sent a report to tech support but after several days received exactly the same code back.
Forwarded another request for advice/help but am still waiting for a response!
Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated,
Cheers,stay safe,

Hi Paul,

I had issues with that as well. I’m not entirely sure how I fixed it but I do remember going via the eLicenser application. It was a bit of a faff.

I’d you haven’t already, when you do get it downloaded, would you let me know what you think of the samples? It might be that my version of Groove Agent isn’t what I thought it was.

Thanks. Hope all is well.

Best regards,