Nashville Groove Agent Add On Trial!

Trying to check out the new Nashville Groove Agent add on and I my System Performance meter is peaking and making noise with EVERY drum hit… Is there a setting that I need to change? Please send help…Mac OSX 10.10.5, 8GB Ram running Cubase 8.0.40… It won’t even open in Cubase 8.5…

Make sure the latest Groove Agent 4 update is installed.

If you have the full version of Groove Agent 4, get it from here:

If you’re using Groove Agent SE 4 (included with Cubase), it will be installed along with the Cubase 8.5.20 update. Alternatively, you can download the latest GASE4 installer from here:

thank you so much!! gonna give it a shot…

getting an error message now that reads eLicenser Conrol-Message
The license for application “Nashville Drums” will expire soon. Duration until expiration 1 hour 36 minutes 30 seconds… I’ve only installed it today…I thought the trial was for 30 days… oh my goodness…

Try running maintenance on your eLicenser Control Center.

Yes, the trial is supposed to last 30 days, starting from the day you activate the trial period. After entering your trial license, the Control Center asks you if you want to activate the trial period. The countdown only begins once you tell it to activate the trial.

If you activated the trial period today, I would suggest contacting Steinberg support through your MySteinberg and telling them of your situation. They may be able to extend your trial if running maintenance on your eLicenser doesn’t help.

It is probably your “all applications” license getting ready to run out. As long as you have the 30 day trial license on the eLicenser, you will still have a valid license after the “all applications” license runs out.

I hadn’t thought about that, I guess it’s possible that he entered the trial key into the Control Center but forgot to activate the trial, so it’s instead using time from the All Applications license (which is meant for emergencies).

Is there a way for me to uninstall and perhaps try to reinstall? Should I see the Nashville Trial in my USB e-license or just on the soft licenser and my licenses tabs? Every kit in Groove Agent SE works fine until I try to open a Nashville Kit, then Cubase crashses with the spinning beach ball. I plan to buy this but I’m afraid that purchasing now will only add to my problems and I’d like to get the trial corrected first… Please advise and thanks so much for your help!

Finally got it to open and here’s what system performance is doing with nothing being played…
grooveagentse.tiff (52.9 KB)

The license for Nashville only needs to be in one place, either the USB or Soft license. Most likely, it was installed on the soft license. The problem is that, i believe, because i have seen yhis before with other sound instrument set trials, Cubase sees the 24 hour all applications license and decides to use it to authorize the trial even though you have a valid trial license there also. This exact thing happened when i used the Dark Planet trial a couple of years ago. When i moved the 24 hour all applications license to a spare dongle, everything worked fine. If you dont have a spare dongle, just let the 24 hour all applications license run out and then everything should work fine as long as the Nashville trial license is present.

Will do… thank you so much!!!

48 hours… and still crashing… Can anyone tell me how to de-install the Nashville Groove Agent trial? Many thanks…