Nashville... What Songs

I just bought the Nashville pack… I like it.

I’m curious though… the “Burning Whiskey” style seems to be based on Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road (there is a clue in the name), are the other styles based on other songs?

All Styles are more or less based on existing songs. That is really a fun part of the development when we are sitting together and collecting songs for the Style sets. Usually it ends up in heated debates which songs really need to be on the list and long playlists are shared among the team. For Nashville Allen Morgan proposed most of the songs as a real Nashville insider. “Burning Whiskey” is based on different song though…

LOL! Not sure about the Nashville set, which is excellent. But Ive figured out all the Rock Essential tracks. Also excellent. Groove Agent 4 is the best!

One is definitely “One Hell Of A Night” by Dustin Lynch. Going to purchase this. Sounds are awesome!