Nashville with capo?

This is not a crique per se, but more of a question. I got the capos just as I wanted them, and then the client asked to switch to Nashville numbers. So Dorico gave me this:

Does that even make sense? Does Nashville work with capos?

Curious. Thanks.

I suspect this doesn’t make sense, no. I don’t think you’ll need transposed Nashville numbers when playing with a capo, since the root of the scale is effectively moveable.

That’s kinda the exact opposite of what the numbering system was intended for. You want the original root numbering so the player decide for themselves to slide a capo up one if the group wants to transpose to F# and the guitarist doesn’t want to deal with that nightmare. Or it stays in F, but one players decides to capo up from D while another doesn’t really care, or they like the separation on tonality, decide to use a different tuning…

Thanks, that’s what I thought (and that’s why our band has started using Nashville numbers on occasion). I don’t suppose this is the sort of thing Dorico could “refuse” to do? If not, I suppose it’s one of those cases where you can notate something incorrectly if you insist on it.