[nasty BUG] Transpose track glitching


After three hours of f*****g madness and reseraching, I’ve found this bug: Transpose track makes audio playback glitch!!!

I also found a post in the old Cubase forum about it: http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=133914

(it’s a really simple repro, give it a try)

This started as me wondering why I couldn’t record anything without getting glitches. Turns out, I had a Transpose Track on my project, just sitting there, completely untouched. Also turns out that it causes glitches during playback of the right kind of audio.

I’m going to guess that the audio transposition is meant to be a pass through, but 1. it’s always on, even when muted and unset, and 2. there are numerical sampling errors in the code causing glitches.

It would be great if some people could try loading this project/manually reproducing what I found.

Repro system:
Cubase 5, 64bit
Windows 7, 64bit

Repro project:
http://www.seanedunn.com/Outgoing/Glitch/CubaseTransposeTest.zip >

Manual repro:
Drag and drop the Audio/TransposeTest.wav into a completely empty project.
Play back, verify there are no glitches.
Add a Transpose Track.
Play back, verify that there are now glitches.


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Anybody knows if it will be fixed in the next update?