Nate's a guest?

Nate’s gone (again)… :neutral_face:

What happened? Was it by his own request?

He felt a bit strongly about copyright matters and expressed himself rather unorthodox. Or at least that’s what the mods thought. (can’t say I didn’t agree)

Yeas, I read the ‘thief’ remarks, but those were made quite some days ago… I can’t believe that’s the only reason.
It must be an accumulation of several things…

He had some strong opinions, but I had no problems with him.

Yeah that’s the last post I read of him too.
Ah well, gives us some time to catch up our postcounts :slight_smile:

He guested himself, if he had wanted to give you the reasons he would have, but he chose not to.

Oh ok, I’m sure he had his reasons. Hope he’s allright.

Yep, same here.

He’s fine :sunglasses:

I think he’s sitting out in the sun on chair, drinking a glass of water, saying “Ah, life is goooood!” to himself.
Banning + Water + Sunshine = Nate’s photosynthesis

He was going to commit more time to his musical endeavors and less to the forums. Sounds like good therapy. :smiley:

Don’t think it was voluntary, check out the last two posts of this thread>

be my guest … :confused:

Hi Paul,

Sounds like you’ve got contact with him?
If so, please say hi for me. I liked having him around. :slight_smile:


He saved me something like 12795873648 RTFM posts. I’ll get carpel for sure now.

Will do…

I really don’t think Steinberg would force the GRAND SENIOR MEMBER to guest himself…or would they?!
Uh oh, hold on to your dongles, folks!! :smiling_imp:

I can think of at least 3 instances in the past when the did just that.

Status is no status here.

Thanks! :sunglasses:

From Nate “Tell Wim I said hello back. I looked on Facebook, but didn’t see him there to add as a friend.”

Yeah, I know, I’m not on facebook… yet…
One of those things I still have to do… :slight_smile: