Nations appearance while in Note input mode

When in Note input mode you can user different notations. This is a great feature.

  • But when setting the caret to a different position in the sheet, the popover appears above the caret but the fingering is attached to the last added note, this seams strange. When I do the same with Rehearsal Marks, the rehearsal Mark is added at the caret position, not at the last added note.

  • Also after adding a chord-symbol while in Note input mode, the Note input mode is canceled when the chord is added. This does not happen when using fingering, articulations etc while in note input mode

Edited: (new video)

I’m no expert by far, but while you were inputting fingering (shift-f), the last-input note was “selected” (was orange). When you input the first rehearsal mark, the selection was removed.

As to why chord symbol input cancels write mode, I don’t know, but doesn’t seem right.

I understand the point you’re making – hopefully this helps explain the difference.

Fingerings are considered properties of notes (because you can’t have a fingering without a note to use that finger on!). Other notations, like dynamics and playing techniques, whilst generally being understood to correspond with notes, don’t have a 1-to-1 correlation the way fingerings do, and so are treated as separate items.

Independent notation items get input at the caret position. Notation items that are properties of notes get added to the currently selected note(s).

Chord symbol input has its own internal navigation system (similar to lyrics) and so doesn’t really work during note input.

Yes that makes a lot of sense, I guess I’m thrown off by the Popover appearing at the caret position when adding the fingering.

Anyway, not a big deal at all but it caught my attention

@derAbgang The selection of the last note was removed (automatically) after adding the Rehearsal Mark, not sure why that doesn’t happen after adding a fingering

One can add multiple fingerings (for chords) but one is unlikely to add multiple rehearsal marks (although one occasionally does for repeated sections).

I assume because fingering also has navigational capabilities, i.e., right/left arrow from selected note selects next/previous note and the popover stays open. This allows one to finger an entire passage with one shift-f.