Native Instrument VSTi's create extra channels in my mixer?!

Whenever I load Battery (or other NI VSTi’s) in Cubase, I can see the correct stereo channel in the mixer, but it also adds channel 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…all of which are not being used. See pic below :frowning:

How do I remove these, and keep these from reappearing?

THANKS!!! :mrgreen:

In the VST instrument panel, click on the small square to the right of the ‘e’ (for the instrument edit window). This will open a menu for the specified instrument where you can select which outputs of the instrument will be active (and so reflected in channel setup in the mixer).
Just deselect all the outputs you don’t need.
You should then see unwanted channels disappear form the mixer.

Hope this helps.
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