Native Instruments B4 replacement ?

This is not really Cubase 9 “completely related”, but almost !
Due to the 32 bits B4 plugin beeing blacklisted, what would you use to replace the B4 ?
Thanks for your answers !

You may not have to replace it. Look into jBridge for Windows. I’m on a Mac and I used 32Lives to wrap B4 to run on Cubase 9 and it works flawlessly. I have read many reports that jBridge works equally well on Windows machines. At the very least, it’s less expensive than buying a new dedicated Hammond/Leslie emulator.

Thanks a lot !
I will try that.
I understand 32 bits plugins are left aside for stability reasons, but maybe it would be nice to be able to have a feature to activate and de-activate some older plugins. In pre-production, stability is less an issue than during recording sessions for example.
Anyway, thanks again.

I have B4 working here under Jbridge - great product

It’s a great pity that NI didn’t see fit to continue B4’s development. A lot of people love it.

I also have the old B-4 running under JBridge, works great.
I have to say I also have the follow up “NI Vintage Organs” for Kontakt.
I personaly like the sound of the B3 and C3 (it also has an M-Hammond) from this package much more than the B4 sound itself.
They are fatter, more natural sounding to me and the reverb swings from left to right just like it is with an original Leslie.
In the B4 it does not if I am right(did not use for a long time now)

I think that is the reason why NI dropped the B4

Check out VB3 from GSi. Sounds very authentic to my ears. There is a trail 64 bit version for windows only. Only $50 for the full license.

Have fun. :wink:

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I’ll second this. Pretty awesome demos on the site also! :astonished:

I replaced B4 with Vintage Organs also from NI, no big deal. The real pain for me is Pro 53…

I’m definitely a critic of Steinberg for doing away with 32-bit support or the inclusion of JBridge as before. The B4 is a great VST so I keep my CB Pro 8.5 running as well as using NI Vintage Organs or Arturia’s B3V which is fantastic. I prefer B4 though as the load and response times are great as are the sounds. 32Lives is $99 which is pretty steep so check out JBridge for Mac which is only $10 and works just as well.

Not only it is 64 bit on windows, it also is miles better than N.I.s B4

I’ve liked NI B4II, and in previous versions of macOS I’d always been able to use it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the 32-bit thing that made me finally give it up - Sierra broke its copy protection, so it will always load in demo mode.

I wound up grabbing AIR’s DB-33 for now, as it does a really nice B3 simulation. But I’m also saving up for the Vintage Organs pack for Kontakt (or wait until NI has it on sale).

[EDIT] I just installed NI B4II again, after first wiping the original install using the Amnesia program, and I’ve got it working again after wrapping with 32 Lives.

I regularly use NIB4II, Gsi VB3, NI Vintage Organs (Kontakt), SounDUST Hammr+ (Kontakt), and now most recently I’ve added Retro Organs for UVI, and B5 for UVI workstation. Depending on the TYPE of B3 sound needed for a song, rarely does ONE or more of those options come short. They all specialize in very different areas if you learn the software for each.

I don’t use the original NI B4 just their second version.
I don’t use Arturia.
I don’t use VB-33

Indeed. It is -miles- better than NI B4 or Vintage Organs

PLUS: Guido’s support is great.

Too bad GSi doesn’t give their MrRay73 Mark II the 64-bit treatment.


Pluginboutique are flogging Air’s DB33 for £12.50p - That’s 64 bit.