Native Instruments GUI issues...

So with N6 on Mac OSX 10.7.5, opening Battery, Pro-53, and Akoustik Piano (I didn’t try all NI plugs, but these were the ones I did try with issues) I see a tiny plugin window (see image attached) which, when clicked upon, maximizes to overtake the screen on top of N6. Anyone else with these issues? I don’t have this problem in C7 by the way.

You are running Nuendo in 64 bit and your NI plug-ins are 32 bit. Update your NI plug-ins, they have 64 bit versions available.


Judging from the picture you provided I think you’re running the baby-grand, right?

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I don’t think pro53 and akoustic piano (both of which have been I think at least four years discontinued) were ever released in 64 bit format and I am pretty confident, never will.

But with battery (I assume it is battery 3 not 2 or before)
I don’t have problems with battery 3 on either Cubase on the mac or Nuendo on the PC.

is it battery 3?

What was Akoustik Piano (and Elektrik, and for the most part, B4) are all Kontakt components now… and as such are 64-bit compatible, at least the current versions. Same interfaces, for the most part-- Same ol’ libraries for AP.

**better edit this… they all came with Komplete 8. That includes Battery 3, and FM8, and not Pro53.

According to NI, you can run the AP samples with a free NI Kontakt player if you provide registration info…


yes you are right, the Akoustic content is now part of Kontakt and part of Komplete.
Hope for a Pro53 as a 64 bit though is dead…


I miss it, both sonically and visually!


it still works on my system but I haven’t used it in years…imho there are so much better VA’s now, although maybe none fashioning themselves after the Prophet 5 by SC

To the OP, actually even without Komplete etc. if you have any Kontakt I think from version 3.5 up (I think thats when 64 bit came into being, I could be wrong), it can still see the AP library from within Kontakt


I sometime use the prophet 5 by SonicCore and it’s a pretty good emulation. I love it.

Thanks all - yes, it is Battery 3. That’s the one plugin from the old NI days which I still use ALL the time, so getting it working is pretty important. I will check and see if I have the latest version installed. Lydiot - the “baby grand” comment is hilarious!

Steinberg’s 32 bits plugin bridge is kind of useless