Native Instruments - Komplet Audio6

Hi there,
i am totaly new in cubase recording.
So i want to know how to set up my audio 6 to work with cubase le6 .
Can anybody make some tutorials or send me some usefull link to resolve this problem.
Also, it will be nice to have some tutorial how to implement Guitar Rig in Cubase to :smiley:
All thanks in advance,

Welcome Emanuel :slight_smile:.
After installing the driver for your KA6, start cubase, go to devices–>device setup.
Click on VST audio system and select your Native Instruments ASIO driver there. (might’ve happened automatically if you’re in luck :slight_smile:).
Next, go to VST connections (press F4 shortcut) and set up your in and outputs as you wish. You can make stereo pairs, or mono inputs using the available in and outputs on your audio interface.
When that’s done, you are good to go!

As for Guitar rig, I don’t know exactly, but I imagine this is used as an insert on an audio track. If that is indeed the case, then, during the installation of Guitar Rig, it will ask you where to install the vst files. (the actual data can be installed somewhere else, but it will ask where to put the .dll. This is important because it dictates where guitar rig will show up in the dropdown menu in Cubase.) It should go in …/Steinberg/Cubase/VST-plugins/“whichever subfolder you want.”. There’s probably already a folder called distortion there where you could put it for instance. There’s another VST-plugins folder here, which is where VST instruments go.