Native-Instruments Komplete 12 and Dorico 3

Dear users and developers.

I am considering to buy a bundle of Native-Instruments “KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 MK2 + KOMPLETE 12.”
It seems that I should buy Komplete Ultimate Collectin to own complete orchestral instruments.

I do not see any NI instruments in “Playback Template” of Dorico 3, but I do not think it would be a problem to use KOMPLETE.
I have tested Kontakt 5, and it seems to be without problems.

Are there any issues with Native-Instruments Komplete 12?

One more question:
Are the dynamic balances (loudness balances) among instruments of Komplete 12 well-balanced?
Usually, the user must control them.

As far as I can tell, few people are using NI’s Symphony Series with notation software. I posted a q here a while back that got no response, and also posted an enquiry on the NI forum.

The Komplete VST instruments all work, provided that you include them in the VST scan whitelist (Kontakt is there by default).

I’m using NI Symphony Series along with Fluffy’s Dominus library. I’ve just done something in Studio One 4 and I’m now about to flesh out the orchestral score in Dorico. I’m just looking at Anthony Hughes videos and presume the library is a VST2 as it doesn’t show up automatically in Dorico 3.1.10? I’ve been searching NI’s site and manuals and as usual, NI stuff is abysmal for support and manuals. I bought Komplete 11 along with the upgrade for the Symphony Series. Cost was about £1650. Support has been useless. Two and a half years down the line, Native Access just about works. Needless to say, it’s the first and last product I’ll buy from them. Great sound but like AKAI and TASCAM …really poor service after 2002.

Here’s what I did in Studio One 4.

There is much debate around the Symphony Series libraries. I personally find that they may be interesting for movie scoring, much less for classical music. They sound huge or with much character. Not neutral at all. You may like it or not, depending on the music you want to do.

A small set of old VSL sounds comes with Kontakt. There are expression maps for Cubase, that you can adapt to Dorico (I’ve not done it, however, so I don’t know how easy it is. There aren’t a lot of techniques, so it shouldn’t be too difficult).


I am using Komplete 13 Ultimate with Dorico 3.5 I am having some difficulty with some of VSTs, while others load simply.

For example, “The Giant” piano loads fine, but “Emotive Strings” doesn’t seem to work with Dorico. I would expect “Pro Strings” to work but I haven’t gotten it to work yet.

Welcome to the forum, @rth333. If you would like to do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, we can hopefully find some clues as to why some of the instruments are not appearing.

Re symphony series, you need to make your own expression maps.

Re problems: the products named are both libraries within Kontakt – Kontakt being the VST.

I just loaded Emotive Strings. The relationship between that instrument and Dorico is somewhat tangential, I’d say: you get a rhythmic pattern that corresponds to middle C, C# etc. I’m not sure how you get a tune out of it (never interested enough to find out). I noticed that the midi channel isn’t evident in the usual place, so I just guessed the next one available.

I once tested NI Symphony Series in Dorico for a while, seeing that its percussive articulations sound way too weak to me.