Native Instruments Kontrol S61 MK3 Doesn't work in Cubase Pro 12


I just bought a Komplete S61 MK3 midi controller keyboard by Native Instruments and for some reason, only in Cubase, the light guide and play assist doesn’t work. It’s always stuck in midi mode. The whole point of this keyboard is to take advantage of the light guide and play assist features. I have a rather large template with 100’s of tracks and most of them are NKS Komplete Kontrol plugins so this keyboard should work right? I can access the Play Assist in the software but not on the keyboard. I have to turn the keyboard off and then on again for it to work which is obviously insane. I even tried opening up a blank Cubase session and the problem still occurs so this is a Cubase issue right?

Does Cubase need to update or something in order for this new keyboard to work? Again, this is an NKS keyboard so if I load a Komplete Kontrol vst, this keyboard should work. I just paid over $800 for this thing, I want it to work in my favorite DAW.

Please see the attached photos. You can see that it’s working fine in Studio One.


I think that Cubase implementation is not finished yet, at least so NI informed through the dedicated forum.

Play Assist, Light Guide and Arp are only available in Komplete Kontrol stand alone so far not when loaded into DAW. On Reddit there was someone telling today a workaround for Logic in the NI sub, so there also should be one in Cubase until NI updates anytime.

I ve just received mine today. Its works fine
-You need first to update the firmware

  • then you need to install a hardware controller software via Native Access
  • Check the studio setup in Cubase (the setup was automatically made by Cubase)

You need to activate the keyboard on each instance of Komplete kontrol to be able to control it via the keyboard (see my screeshhot on the right 49 and keys symbol)

same issue is discussed here to Kontrol MK3 and Cubase issue