Native Instruments Symphonic Series Breaks Dorico's Connection Between Dynamics and CC#1

I could not find another post that had a similar issue as mine, but I apologize if I missed something.

I just got Native Instruments Symphonic Series and I’m trying to connect it to Dorico. I’ve made an expression map for the flutes and the playback techniques appear to be functioning properly so far.

I’m pretty sure the volume knob in the Symphonic Series Instrument is connected to CC#1. During playback, I can adjust that knob and it changes the volume of the playback (as expected).
My other observation concludes that the Dynamic markings in the score relate directly to CC#1. (I found this out from another post.) I put the “Dynamics” Track and the “CC#1” Track side-by-side and confirmed this to be true. This observation was made BEFORE loading in the Symphonic Series Instrument.

If I start a new score (or “Reset Playback Template” on a pre-existing score), the Dynamics and CC#1 are linked. When I load Native Instruments Symphonic Series in the Play Window, CC#1 just… disappears. No more linked changes from the dynamics. The CC#1 track shows just a straight line (if a line is present at all).

I’m not sure if there is an extra step I am missing to connect the dynamics from Dorico to a sound library like this one.

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!

It’s not the volume knob, it’s expression. If you set your XP map to respond to velocity first, and cc1 second, Dorico will send values to both.

Did that, then reset the sounds playback, and activated Native Instruments, and it’s good!

Thank you!

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