Native Instruments Symphonic Series Percussion

I am trying to find a good Percussion Library that just works out of the box. I do mostly Band related music so I need the basics AND all the toys, bells and whistles (literally) that I can get.

For most instruments I use NotePerformer but it is lacking a lot in the percussion area.

I do have VDL but getting it to work with Dorico is beyond me except the templates already provided by Dorico for marching percussion.
I have been waiting on templates from the WriteScore forever and just want something that works.

I am looking at Native Instruments Symphonic Series Percussion. Does this work with Dorico straight out of the box (or download)?

ANY help would be appreciated, I look at all of these virtual libraries trying to figure something out and my head begins to spin. Basically I just want to work on the music, load an instrument and have it work. Dumb, lazy guy 101

Thanks everyone,


I have both the NI and VDL products. I don’t think that one will be easier to set up in Dorico than the other. The sound quality of NI is ‘better’ (viz. more polished), but VDL has many useful variants - different sticks etc.

I have this (NI Percussion), and I can’t get the tubular bells to work.

I’ve read the documentation on the expression maps, but I confess I’m at a loss. I can’t get the bells to sound at all.

Any advice?

Hi Dan,

I’ve no problems with hearing Tubular Bells.nki. - project attached.

For reasons I can’t quite understand, NI have assigned C2 to F3 as the playable range. I fiddled around with the Clef/Transposition overrides to get it looking broadly correct.

Bells.dorico (432.1 KB)